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First Workshop in Vienna (Austria)

workshop 1The partners met for the first time in person in Vienna at the ibc Hetzendorf. In an informative tour of the school the Austrian hosts explained their approach to entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship education approaches in the different countries was the topic discussed in the intense 2-day workshop. The exchange of information and impressions led to a better understanding and first ideas for making improvements.

The workshop was held in a good atmosphere, thanks in part to the wonderful cake and “Mozartkugeln” provided by the Austrian hosts. The partners held long discussions and grew closer together as a consortium.

Project launch

online-meetingOn October 3rd the project partners held a project launch meeting online. The meeting helped the consortium learn about each organisation involved in the project. The project partners also discussed organisational issues of the project structure and planned the work that each partner needed to get done in preparation for the first in-person meeting in January 2014. Overall the participants created a good working atmosphere despite a few technical problems.

Welcome to DESERVE

In DESERVE (Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit through Experience and Reflection in Vocational Education) partners from 6 European countries examine approaches to creating entrepreneurial minds early on in school curricula and developing a European approach that brings a European dimension to entrepreneurship. The project was launched in October 2013, and it will run for 2 years.