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Fifth workshop in Glasgow (Scotland) – discussion of project results

The aim of the fifth workshop in Glasgow was to discuss and finalize the project results. One main result of the project is the DESERVE handbook which is a guidance for teachers to implement the DESERVE approach. The handbook describes the idea of the entrepreneurial mind-set and the ideas-into-action concept. Moreover, the different phases of the process – inspiration, ideation, production and business model – are explained in detail. For every phase the reader is informed on the respective aim and the conceptual background of the phase, possible intervention techniques and the necessary material. Moreover, the handbook includes tutorials for learners and teachers on sound design, graphic design, programming and game design. In order to make the handbook user-friendly it was decided to develop symbols for the handbook that guide the reader through the handbook easily.

In the workshop, the project partners discussed the details of the handbook structure and distributed outstanding tasks.

In their respective national teams, the project members reflected their workshop experiences in Tallinn from a teacher’s perspective. These reflections will also be part of the handbook.

Finally, the partners discussed the final report and the plans for the future.

The successful end of the project was celebrated with two delicious “DESERVE-cakes”.