During the project the a number of results were created in the process of developing and implementing the 4I Approach to Entrepreneurship Education on a European level.

The development of the approach and its implementation during the project meeting in Tallinn are documented in this film.

First and most importantly a Teacher Handbook to introduce the approach and to support the process of implementation was developed (0_Teacher-Handbook).

To complete the handbook and to enable teachers to run courses based on the 4I approach on their own, learning materials were developed . They are sorted following the different phases of the learning process:

Second within the project a structured questionnaire was used to document the entrepreneurship education profiles at the different institutions.

Complementary to the discussions and presentations of the partners, this questionnaire was used to develop a companion of the different approaches (deserve_profiles-comparison)

Third the project was evaluate following a responsive and multi-level approach to evaluation. On the one hand the project’s work process was evaluated using a semi-standardised instrument after completing a phase of the project work (deserve_evaluation-process). On the other hand the project’s results were evaluated by looking into the first experience of implementing the 4I Approach to Entrepreneurship Education during the workshop in Talinn, Estonia (deserve_evaluation_experience).