Third Workshop in Timisoara (Romania)

For the third workshop (15th – 17th of October 2014) the partners met in Timisoara in Romania. Here, the partners got intensive insights into entrepreneurship education in Romania – e.g. by visiting a fair of different student companies and by attending entrepreneurship education lessons for young and older students. 


During the workshop the partners tested an approach for entrepreneurship education which is based on the Design Thinking Process. This process is a design and development process which focuses on a human-centered approach (e.g. by deeply analyzing people’s situations in order to be able to develop solutions that really fit people’s needs). Therefore, the process puts emphasis on using the various perspectives from the different team members. Having collected a bunch of ideas, certain ideas are concretized and different prototypes are built. Team members pass through the phases of the Design Thinking Process in iterative loops in order to constantly improve and verify the ideas.

In certain phases of the workshop the partners took over the roles of employees of a game design company which develops a smartphone app for tourists who want to discover Timisoara. The employees were part of the sound design, game development, graphic design and task design department. The employees used the Design Thinking Process for developing the smartphone app. During the workshop, a prototype and a first version of the app were developed. The partners constantly reflected on how to transfer this approach to students.

The workshop was held in a very good atmosphere. The partners experienced an incredible hospitality and were welcomed warmly by the Romanian hosts. The partners used the workshop to discuss different entrepreneurship education processes and to increase and deepen the contacts to the other partners.